Airport transfer service or limousine service is becoming a norm in many developing countries such as Singapore due to the convenience of the service and lower cost involved to hire a chauffeur. I’ll let you in on why you should use such a service to ease all your traveling woes.

Cheaper in certain situations

Yes, you may pay 20%-30% at the start. However, most airport transfer service fees include all kinds of toll and transport charges. For example, Singapore’s airport transfer service offers a flat fee to any destination in Singapore regardless of the number of toll involved in getting there. In addition, Jams are a common affair in major cities and you can chalk up quite a sum just by getting stuck in one. Airport transfers eliminate all that. Leaving you worry-free on your journey to the next destination.

Arrive at your Destination Fresh

If you travel to another country, it will probably be a common sight to see people haggling you to take their cab or their transport service. It is also common to see a long queue of people waiting for a taxi or even an extremely packed bus or train. This is further multiplied if it’s in the middle of the night and all you want to do is crash on the hotel bed. With the transport service, all you have to do book their service and you are rest assured that your driver will arrive professionally on time with a card to greet you at the arrival hall. If he/she is nice, you’ll probably get some nice tips about the country.

Vehicle in Any size

Whether you are traveling in a big family, a group, have many luggage’s, most airport services have an appropriate vehicle for your group. This is unlike taxi services where it is literally a gamble to get the right vehicle for your group. Simply choose the vehicle you need on the website and worry less about any transportation ordeal you might have to face.

If you need a vehicle solely to carry your luggage, we also have the solution for you to ensure your belongings arrive safely from place to place.

Meet and greet services

If you haven’t experienced this yet, you definitely have to try the service once. A meet and greet service makes you feel special especially when the driver greets you at the airport arrival gate with a ply card with your name on it. They will also assist you with any necessity you might need if you are nice to them.

Overall, airport transfer service definitely costs more than traditional methods but the benefits far outweigh the cost involved. If you are traveling in a big group or have a child, a transport service will definitely take the hassle out of traveling.

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