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What Kind of Consumer Are You? Find Out Which is Which

Many of us are still wondering what kind of consumer they are. Some just know that a consumer is the one who purchases goods or services for their own usage or consumption. Others think less likely of being a consumer because they know they can afford. So, here are the consumers classified according to their types.

1.     Small Consumers

This kind of consumer utilizes an average monthly consumption of less than 4,000 kWh. They are business consumers and all residential consumers. Geneco, an electric company based in Singapore, treats all their consumers the way they preferred to be treated. They totally understand how the small consumers are easily hit the hardest by the rising cost of electricity. Small consumers are heaping pressure because of the expensive thermal sources. They can avail the company’s “Good Night” electricity price plan, wherein 10 percent discount off on the regulated tariff for the peak periods from 6 o’clock in the morning to 12 midnight daily plus 40 percent for the off-peak periods from 12 midnight to 6 o’clock in the morning.

2.     Large Consumers

This kind of consumer is only business consumers using an average monthly consumption of at least 4,000 kWh. They usually operate a self-production facility of limited size and seek out strategies to meet their electricity needs at minimum cost and risk. If this consumer asks Geneco, the company will offer the “Get It Fixed 24” electricity price plan that is a fixed and standard plan of 16.50 cents per kWh. If the smart meter (AMI meter) is used, only the first meter will be paid by the retailer.

3.     Contestable Consumers

This kind of consumer chooses to purchase electricity from a reliable retailer of their choice or from the wholesale electricity market at the half-hourly wholesale electricity price. They can choose their own electricity provider. If you are this consumer, you can ask Geneco and get their “Get It Fixed 12” standard price plan that is 17.80 cents per kWh making you save around $235.67 over 12 months based on your $100 monthly electricity bill.

4.     Noncontestable Consumers

This kind of consumer selects to buy electricity from SP Services, which is a member of SP Group, at a certainly regulated tariff. They consume 50-megawatt hours of electricity or less within a year and are generally all residential households. They can buy Geneco’s “Get It Less 24” standard price plan to avail the 21 percent discount off on the regulated tariff plan.


Geneco is all about making it good for you. They know how you, whatever kind of customer you are, like to buy electricity and pay for it. They are the energy experts you can right away seek help since they know from generating electricity to retailing and from B2B partnerships to the individual customer. Be a smart business owner by getting the best rates on all of your utilities. The more you save, the more profit you and your business enjoy.

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8 Steps to Small Business Success for Newcomers to Canada

Are you a newcomer to Canada? Do you want to have success in your business? Worry not here are some of the best steps you can follow for you to succeed in your small business. The Canadian unity can allow you to improve in any business you may run. You only need to find the way of gaining the citizenship as well as heritage of Canada. The following steps will help you.

  1. Begin by identifying the basic encouragements.

There are several business incentives which are available. You can identify the best you may prefer from those which are available. This will give you the right direction. Once you get it right, then all your project and investments will be achieved with time.

  1. Register the business

If you are starting any new business in Canada, you need to follow the best procedure to register it. When you succeed to register your business, it is the beginning of all you need. Your business will succeed if it is registered, since you will not have trouble.

  1. Check out license requirements

Licensing the business is something different form registration. The licensing is one of the best requirements which will help your business to fall into a given category. The license will give you the best security you need when running your business.

  1. Look for the right business supporters

Focus to get your supporters from the beginning. They will give you all you expect to make your business to succeed. This will give you all the help you need as a way of succeeding. If this is the case, then you will succeed in all you plan for your business.

  1. Scope out employment

When you try to get your new worker who are qualified, is not something easy. You will have to strain so much till you find your best ones. The workers you will hire will determine the success of the business which you may wish to run.

  1. Secure financing

Securing your finances is the best way of improving in your business. There is need to know how well you can secure your finances as a way you may take it to be. This will give you the best you may desire, thus getting all, you may need in your business.

  1. Get office space

To successfully run your business, you need some space to have your functional office. This is the best premise where you will be doing the management of your office. This will also give you all you need for the success of the whole business. Any business which is new, there must be some space set aside for the office.

  1. Make some move

Once all your requirements for the business are put in order, you can now move on with your business.

You need to focus on how you can succeed in the business you run once all is put together. This will give you what you expect to be good for the business you run.

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Essential Steps To Find And Get The Job You Want in Canada

Getting experience is one of the biggest challenges for newcomers in Canada. Many Canadian employers often don’t know how to assess applicant’s education and work experience for other countries. They prefer you to have a working experience in Canada. So, here are the essential steps to find and get the job you want in Canada.

1.     Know Proper Canadian Name For The Job

You must know the proper Canadian name for the job you’ve always wanted. This step can help you avoid confusion with employers as well. Being accepted to come to Canada will not yet guarantee you the surefire employment in Canada in your preferred occupation or any other profession.

Proximacy has a strong IT and marketing knowledge helping their clients spend less and get back more. They are always in search of a proficient website designer in Singapore. But even if you’re still a newcomer in Canada, they’ll accept you with open arms if you’re the one they’ve been looking for. They aren’t particular about your work experience for other countries. What’s important for them are your attitude and related skills that fit their vacant position.

2.     Check If You’ll Have A Regulated Occupation

You can check also if you’ll have a regulated occupation or not. Around 20 percent of Canadian jobs are regulated, which means professions, skilled trades, or apprenticeable trades. These regulated jobs protect your public health and safety and make sure that professionals meet the standards of practice and competence.

So, Proximacy allows you to freely have a license or a certificate when you want to work in a regulated occupation and use a regulated title. They let you get registered with the regulatory body for your desired occupation in the province or territory where you’re planning to work. They are always interested in learning about your competencies, education, and related work experience.

3.     Find Job Opportunities

There are a lot of ways to find job opportunities in Canada. You can visit the Government of Canada Job Bank website and Service Canada’s Finding a Job page. You can even search the Help Wanted sections of national and local newspapers as well as the Internet for jobs with the name of the city, province, or territory you’d wish to live in.

Proximacy also uses bridging programs to help you prepare and succeed in the licensing or certification process and in integrating into the Canadian workplace. This program offers various services such as practical or workplace experience and preparing you to take an examination for a license or a certificate.


You must understand that the whole process will take time. But once you’ll complete each abovementioned steps as thoroughly as possible, this will definitely provide you and your family members the best chance to achieve your career plans. Other good ways to overcome this are getting advice, meeting people, networking, and volunteering.

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How to Get Dual Citizenship in Canada

Obtaining Canadian citizenship can become a lot easier than what you might think and truly Canada has become the country which millions are interested in moving to. Canada is a land of opportunity and it’s truly gorgeous. However, for most, they aren’t sure how they can obtain a dual citizenship in Canada. So, how possible it is? Well, dual citizenship isn’t as rosy as it sounds though because it might mean dual taxes as well as other obligations to meet. Still interested? Read on and find out how to get dual citizenship in Canada today.

Apply For Citizenship

First of all, if you want to claim citizenship and have been currently living in Canada for three years or more, it is possible to apply for dual citizenship. You might not need to learn all about Canadian heritage but it would be a nice touch for those who are interested in living in Canada and obtaining citizenship. You could visit the Canadian citizenship and immigration website to get an application or call the immigration offices up.

Ensure You Will Be Eligible For Dual Citizenship

Next, before you fill out your citizenship application form and send away to the immigration service, you are going to have to ensure you are actually eligible for the dual citizenship. This essentially means you are over the age of eighteen as well as have a permanent status within Canada already. You must also have lived within Canada constantly for up to three years previously of the time the application is submitted. English or French knowledge is a must and this must also be proven too in order to obtain Canadian citizenship.

Attend an Interview

Once you have submitted your application, there will be the regular waiting time. There are no set times over how long the application may take to progress depending on how busy the immigration services are. There may also be an interview. Citizenship interviews are now a must and these interviews must be attended. The interview must be passed so that you can become a citizen. Canadian heritage and history can be an important part of the test so you have to brush up on these things. While you might not think too much about heritage, knowing the history of Canada can be vital. See more.

Waiting for a Decision

Before becoming a dual citizen of Canada you will have to wait for a decision over whether or not you’re eligible for citizenship. If you have passed the citizenship test and the paperwork is in order and have proven you have something to contribute to the country then you may be eligible. However, the final decision can take a little time but it shouldn’t be too long. Canadian citizenship is very much possible as long as you follow all guidelines and you also need to attend a ceremony for citizenship.

Love Canada

Becoming a Canadian citizen can be a wonderful experience and really Canada has so much to offer also. You are going to love Canada and there is so much to see and do too. There has never been a better time to explore Canada and you are going to love everything it has to offer. Also, remember to learn about Canadian heritage; it’s a fascinating history to learn.

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How To Go To Canada As A Skilled Worker

Many foreigners are kept wondering if Canada will allow them to work. They wanted to find out quick and direct answers to their immigration questions, such as what they need to do in their application and where to submit it. Here is how to go to Canada as a skilled worker.

1.     What Do You Need to Know?

Do not worry if you have already applied before January 1, 2015, because your application will be considered according to the FSW (Federal Skilled Worker) Program. For those candidates who applied after the said date, they must apply through Canada’s new online system Express Entry System for managing immigration applications.

Estil Furnishing, which is a supplier and maker of curtains and blinds in Singapore, allows their applicants to do training programs as a skilled worker. They make certain that their future employees will have the sense of professionalism, individual growth, and commitment since their company is already over 20 years of experience.

2.     What Is The Requirement To Be Eligible?

The following options are the chosen requirements you must secure to be eligible to apply the Express Entry System. First, you must have a job offer from a Canadian employer or company. Second, you must be eligible to work in Canada. Lastly, you must be able to prove that once you arrive in Canada, you have enough money to support yourself and your dependents.

Estil Furnishing also posts their available jobs and requirements online through their website. You can apply there and submit your resume. You can also contact them today if you want to know more about their company and how they can help you develop your skills fit with their artisan designers and experts.

3.     What Kind Of Work Experience Do You’ll Need?

The kind of work experience you’ll need must be under either Skill Type 0, Skill Level A, or Skill Level B based on the Canadian NOC (National Occupational Classification). You must have a work experience that is paid and full-time, which means at least 30 hours per week, or the equivalent hours part-time. Your work experience should be during the last 10 years. But these won’t apply when you got a permanent job offer.

Estil Furnishing is also keen on your related work experience because they ensure their clients that they have highly trained professional employees with a background in furnishings. Your education, age, adaptability, and abilities in English and/or Singaporean are also giving you plus points on how eligible you can be. Once the company hires you, they will place you in a paid six-month training program from their furniture experts.


You will also be check if you have an arranged employment in Canada. Put in mind that the point system of FSW program is totally different from Express Entry points. So, if you think you’re eligible enough to apply, go ahead and submit your profile now.

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Where To Find Private Health Insurance For Newcomers to Ontario

If you are a newcomer in Ontario, Canada, you have to wait for a three-month waiting period for your OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan). Any of your medical services within these three months will not be paid. But this is difficult for newcomers on where to find a private health insurance to help you pay for treatments not covered during that time

1.     What Insurance Do I Need During the First Three Months?

According to the CLHIA (Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association), you are recommended to buy a private health insurance since OHIP does not cover the three months. Other insurance companies have certain rules and deadlines when you buy their insurance, especially if you will have a double eyelid surgery in Korea.

There is a possibility that after arriving in Ontario, you may buy insurance within a certain number of days. Usually, the insurance that was purchased by the visitors to Canada has plans designed for those people who do not have OHIP. If you are worried about the cost, it highly depends on the chosen company, the package, age, health condition, and the dependents’ or children’s age and health.

2.     Should I Buy Insurance Before Coming to Canada?

A lot of private health insurance companies will not cover you when you only travel one-way. Other companies will not pay for any costs you have had when you had already double eyelid surgery in Korea after you arrived in Canada. So, it is very important to read the company’s policy before you will buy the insurance plan. You must make certain that you are still covered by your insurance within the time period while you are traveling to Canada.

3.     Do I Need Private Health Insurance If I Have OHIP?

Yes, you need a private health insurance if you have OHIP because OHIP does not deal with all your medical costs. You have the option to buy the insurance plan that will pay your costs during your surgery that OHIP (Health Card) does not cover. Your employer might have many ideas for a health insurance plan that you can purchase that fits your needs.

So, it is better to check and ask your doctor and/or hospital. They can certainly determine and tell you whether your undergone treatment from your double eyelid surgery in Korea is still covered or not. Then, you can choose the insurance plan that suits your needs for not all health-related expenses, for example, cosmetic surgery, are covered by all private health insurance.


You must buy a private health insurance to pay for services that OHIP does not take account of your costs during the three-month waiting period as CLHIA recommended. There is no harm to ask for bits of advice, especially to CLHIA. The association speaks for more than 80 private insurance companies in Canada.

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Strategies To Improve Your Chances of Canadian Career Success

Frequently, new immigrants have a long difficult time establishing their chosen occupations in Canada. Moving from one country to a new country requires you to do big adjustments. You need to start all over again in many ways as well. So, here are the two strategies to improve your chances of career success.

1.     Research Context of Your Field and Occupation

When you want to start planning for a career success in your new community, you must research the context of your field and occupation. You can gather information about regulated professions and trades and alternative jobs from the websites of the Government of Canada and Settlement.Org.

Researching the context also includes you on the lookout for people who can give you a different perspective. This is evident in the Singaporean-based rental company Nam Seng Cargo. They allow you to take an information interview so that you can ask for advice and more information from people working in the field of reefer truck rental, which you are interested in.

Nam Seng Cargo company can tell you about the required courses and personnel trainings you need to take in, the overall trends in the bookings and rentals, and how you can get started based on hourly rates or daily rate in conducting your deliveries. You might get lucky and be given a name or two of someone who has advice for you or even provides you a job lead.

2.     Build Your Strong Identity or Brand

Majority of the people right away think of applying to as many job postings as possible since it is the best ways to be hired and get a decent job. But this is not giving you more time to search and apply for a job that is fit for you. The more sustainable strategy, in the long run, is to focus on finding opportunities that are suitable to your experiences, skills, and education. Then, you can build your strong professional identity or brand.

If you will apply to Nam Seng Cargo, the hiring managers will look at your resume to see your skills and experience required by the particular rental job you are applying for. So, it is better to prepare more than one resume since you have to adjust it regularly to fit each application.

You can also add up an elevator pitch that summarizes your career objectives. You describe who you are a professional in two to three sentences. This is highly useful during your interviews in Nam Seng Cargo because the hiring manager will surely ask you about your professional goals.


You can take these abovementioned strategies in finding meaningful work that is relevant and important to your work experience. They greatly contribute to building your career success in the near future in Canada.

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What No One Tells You About Consular Services in Canada

To leave your familiar surroundings and be forced to adapt to another environment are indeed challenging in moving from one country to another. Many are not aware that there are consular services in Canada, what it is, and what it can do to those who want to work and reside abroad.

1.     About Canadian Consular Services

Canadians consular officers will only help out as a case requires. They can give limited assistance only, payment is necessary for some of their services. The Global Affairs Canada offers a jam-packed range of effective and efficient consular services through their embassies, high commissions, consulates, and other Canadian government offices abroad.

2.     Services Offered

The Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada is always ready to lend a hand to those Canadians who are traveling, studying, working, or residing abroad. So, it is so essential to know the services it can do and cannot do since it cannot provide the same services as other Canadian government offices.

Just like the lorry rental services, it is better to inquire about your requirements in order to avail the best services and price that a certain company provides for their customers. The years of experience in the industry are also important to determine if that company offers a large variety of trucks and lorries rentals.

  • If there are legal issues arising, a list of local lawyers and sources of information about local laws and regulations are provided.
  • Some documents are notarized.
  • If ever you get arrested or detained, you can request for fair treatment under the law of that country.
  • In case of a medical emergency, a list of local doctors and hospitals is provided.
  • When a compulsory treatment is not available locally, a medical evacuation can be arranged.

3.     Services Not Offered

However, the Canadian consular officials cannot provide the following services because it is not within their scope of duties.

  • When there are private legal matters, they cannot intervene and give legal advice.
  • A criminal record check representing you is not obtainable.
  • The officials can neither bail you nor pay fines or any legal fees if ever you get imprisoned.
  • Local authorities cannot be asked to give preferential treatments to Canadians.
  • No travel arrangements can be made or any reimbursements for delayed or canceled travel.
  • Job hunting and accepting mails on your behalf are not possible to assist you.
  • Issuing foreign visas and/or work permits is not also allowed.
  • Search-and-rescue efforts cannot be coordinated and paid just to find those missing Canadians.


Additionally, you must have an emergency plan for your family and relatives if you want to live in Canada. You should know what you need to do in cases of a natural disaster and/or civil unrest. There should be escapes routes and a safe meeting place. A 72-hour emergency kit with food, torchlight, and water must be prepared ahead of time.

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Experience Romantic French Canadian Cultural Heritage

Canada has long been a favorite for those who want to enjoy the lighter side of life. There is such a romantic feel when you visit Canada and there are lots of amazing cities and towns that hammer house the important of romance. However, it’s the French Canadian cultural heritage that helps us to see a new side of Canada and it’s great. So, how can you experience the romantic French Canadian cultural heritage?

The Charm of French-Canadian Cultural Heritage

To be honest, there is a fantastic charm about the French-Canadian cultural heritage and it’s so fantastic to see. This is truly going to be one that you love to learn about and one that is going to make you fall in love with the country so much more. There is something so unique about it that makes you feel so much more positive about everything. You can enjoy so much even if you are single and traveling alone! What is more, couples will find certain spots such as Montreal can be the ideal romantic spot for couples.

Why Montreal?

Montreal in Canada is truly a romantic hotspot and one in which thousands of new couples are making their way to each and every year. It’s one of the most ideal hotspots for couples looking for a bit of romance and it can even be the best honeymoon destination too. The truth is you have the culture and the history of Quebec influencing Montreal and it’s making it a more romantic place. Since you have the fusion of French Canadian heritage it helps to ensure this is the destination that stands out for everyone. Tourists can visit the beautiful little French bistros or the gorgeous cobblestone streets; there are many beautiful villages to visit and it’s quite a traditional feel to it as well. read top article!

The History of Old Montreal


Montreal is truly one of the most loved destinations to say the least and it’s all because of its rich history. This was a city that was only founded around three hundred years ago (slightly over in fact) and yet it still holds a lot of its European influences. It’s truly remarkable to see just how far the history and culture of the French settlers has come. There are still many who see the history and find it to be most romantic! Visiting the beautiful villages can take your breath away and you get that authentic 1800’s feel. There are gorgeous Victorian street lamps and the atmosphere is just great. You cannot fault Montreal or the French Canadian inspired cultural heritage. read more news from

Enjoy Canada in All Its Glory

Canada is truly the country that inspires a generation. You have so much it can offer and yet it doesn’t lose any of its modern or classical appeal. It’s unique to see how far the country has come and how unique it still is even today. You will absolutely adore the French Canadian cultural heritage and how it inspires you too. Experience the romantic French Canadian culture and become a part of something special.

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Citizenship and Immigration in Canada: Thoughts to Ponder

Canada is well-known for having a diverse population. Canada is the home of immigrants from around the world and not just in recent times. This has been the country that has always seemed to welcome immigrants and it’s a unique and very much stable country. Throughout the world, there are certainly not many countries like Canada that in fact welcome migrants with open arms. Its home to a large number of Scots, Irish, French and German citizens as well as Dutch, Native Canadians and many more – that is how diverse Canada is. However, what about modern citizenship and immigration? visit us now!

Immigration Is At Its Peak

In all honesty, there are still hundreds of thousands of people who visit Canada every year and whom also stay. Immigration is truly at its peak and there is more and more seeking refuge in the country also. However, that isn’t to say Canada doesn’t have a policy as to who they allow into the country on a long-term basis. Yes, it does have a fairly good open door policy but at the same time, they won’t allow those who pose a risk to the country or the safety of others into Canada. Today, there are millions who are coming to the country simply because of crises around the world and as many seek to find new opportunities also.

How to Become a Resident?

If you wanted to go for permanent residency, you would have to go through a lengthy process. However, once you go through this process you have the ability to move to the country and remain on a semi-permanent basis. Depending on your circumstances you could remain there for three, four or five years and after that time, it is your choice if you wish to pursue Canadian citizenship. Anyone can in fact opt for citizenship but they have to be in the country on a permanent basis for at least three or four years.


canadaTo become a Canadian citizen, you must pass the citizenship test. Now, this requires a lot of preparation because it’s a test all about Canada. You have to basically be able to show that you know everything about the country and you’re knowledgeable in all things Canadian. Understanding and learning the history can be very important to Canadians today and that is why it’s a major part of the citizenship test. Passing the test can take a lot of hard work but with some careful practicing, anything is possible. Once you pass the test, other factors are taken into consideration and you must meet all other requirements but if you are eligible, you can be granted citizenship.

Love Canada

Immigration in Canada is as strong as it ever was and there are currently thousands who apply to become citizens each and every year. It is very much possible to have citizenship in Canada and when you go through the right process, you’ll find it’s a lot easier. Becoming a citizen can be a rewarding moment and it’s certainly something that will mark a special moment in your lifetime. get full reviews from

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