Canada is well-known for having a diverse population. Canada is the home of immigrants from around the world and not just in recent times. This has been the country that has always seemed to welcome immigrants and it’s a unique and very much stable country. Throughout the world, there are certainly not many countries like Canada that in fact welcome migrants with open arms. Its home to a large number of Scots, Irish, French and German citizens as well as Dutch, Native Canadians and many more – that is how diverse Canada is. However, what about modern citizenship and immigration? visit us now!

Immigration Is At Its Peak

In all honesty, there are still hundreds of thousands of people who visit Canada every year and whom also stay. Immigration is truly at its peak and there is more and more seeking refuge in the country also. However, that isn’t to say Canada doesn’t have a policy as to who they allow into the country on a long-term basis. Yes, it does have a fairly good open door policy but at the same time, they won’t allow those who pose a risk to the country or the safety of others into Canada. Today, there are millions who are coming to the country simply because of crises around the world and as many seek to find new opportunities also.

How to Become a Resident?

If you wanted to go for permanent residency, you would have to go through a lengthy process. However, once you go through this process you have the ability to move to the country and remain on a semi-permanent basis. Depending on your circumstances you could remain there for three, four or five years and after that time, it is your choice if you wish to pursue Canadian citizenship. Anyone can in fact opt for citizenship but they have to be in the country on a permanent basis for at least three or four years.


canadaTo become a Canadian citizen, you must pass the citizenship test. Now, this requires a lot of preparation because it’s a test all about Canada. You have to basically be able to show that you know everything about the country and you’re knowledgeable in all things Canadian. Understanding and learning the history can be very important to Canadians today and that is why it’s a major part of the citizenship test. Passing the test can take a lot of hard work but with some careful practicing, anything is possible. Once you pass the test, other factors are taken into consideration and you must meet all other requirements but if you are eligible, you can be granted citizenship.

Love Canada

Immigration in Canada is as strong as it ever was and there are currently thousands who apply to become citizens each and every year. It is very much possible to have citizenship in Canada and when you go through the right process, you’ll find it’s a lot easier. Becoming a citizen can be a rewarding moment and it’s certainly something that will mark a special moment in your lifetime. get full reviews from

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