Driving instructors in developed countries such as Canada and Singapore

Becoming a driving instructor in canada is really easy. In order to apply for the program, you must at least hold on a valid driver licence for more than 4 years and be at least 21 years old. of course, there are several websites that can aid you but the one that we really recommend is canadian pro drivers. They offer 4 easy steps to become an instructor and you can earn spare cash this way by teaching other novice drivers. Of course, you will have to be tested at a drivetest centre before they can certify you but this easy process will take you no longer than 1 month to complete.

However, if you reference this to other countries such as Singapore, the difference can be quite drastic. Unlike Canada, cars in Singapore tend to be very expensive. This is due to the constrain in land and there can only be so many vehicles on the road. Cars in Singapore cost at least 70000 dollars and they also incur heavy taxes such as their Electronic road pricing on many roads.

Private Driving instructors in Singapore is also very different because they are majority instructors in their forties and fifties. the government in Singapore has stopped releasing private driving instructor licences. Their argument is that they want to create a standardized method of learning. However, Because of this, schools tend to charge much higher than private instructors and they are also subjected to government taxes.

Because their private driving instructor population is diminishing, if you are looking for an instructor, it is important to start learning now before the demand for private instructors in Singapore increase significantly. Many students still prefer private instructors because they are cheaper and their schedules seem to be more flexible than their counterparts.

Driving instructors in developing countries such as Indonesia

Indonesia on the other hand has a totally different approach to driving. Because the country is so vast with many thousands of islands, it can be difficult to manage the driving licences of the population. As a result, it is estimated that more than 30% of the drivers drive without a licence. With the added corruption practices known in Indonesia, it is forecast that the situation will not improve unless drastic measures are taken by the government. There are also limited driving schools in many rural parts of indonesia and only the cities seem to have them. The driving instructors are usually corrupted as well as they will take in money to pass a student.


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