Getting experience is one of the biggest challenges for newcomers in Canada. Many Canadian employers often don’t know how to assess applicant’s education and work experience for other countries. They prefer you to have a working experience in Canada. So, here are the essential steps to find and get the job you want in Canada.

1.     Know Proper Canadian Name For The Job

You must know the proper Canadian name for the job you’ve always wanted. This step can help you avoid confusion with employers as well. Being accepted to come to Canada will not yet guarantee you the surefire employment in Canada in your preferred occupation or any other profession.

Proximacy has a strong IT and marketing knowledge helping their clients spend less and get back more. They are always in search of a proficient website designer in Singapore. But even if you’re still a newcomer in Canada, they’ll accept you with open arms if you’re the one they’ve been looking for. They aren’t particular about your work experience for other countries. What’s important for them are your attitude and related skills that fit their vacant position.

2.     Check If You’ll Have A Regulated Occupation

You can check also if you’ll have a regulated occupation or not. Around 20 percent of Canadian jobs are regulated, which means professions, skilled trades, or apprenticeable trades. These regulated jobs protect your public health and safety and make sure that professionals meet the standards of practice and competence.

So, Proximacy allows you to freely have a license or a certificate when you want to work in a regulated occupation and use a regulated title. They let you get registered with the regulatory body for your desired occupation in the province or territory where you’re planning to work. They are always interested in learning about your competencies, education, and related work experience.

3.     Find Job Opportunities

There are a lot of ways to find job opportunities in Canada. You can visit the Government of Canada Job Bank website and Service Canada’s Finding a Job page. You can even search the Help Wanted sections of national and local newspapers as well as the Internet for jobs with the name of the city, province, or territory you’d wish to live in.

Proximacy also uses bridging programs to help you prepare and succeed in the licensing or certification process and in integrating into the Canadian workplace. This program offers various services such as practical or workplace experience and preparing you to take an examination for a license or a certificate.


You must understand that the whole process will take time. But once you’ll complete each abovementioned steps as thoroughly as possible, this will definitely provide you and your family members the best chance to achieve your career plans. Other good ways to overcome this are getting advice, meeting people, networking, and volunteering.

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