Obtaining Canadian citizenship can become a lot easier than what you might think and truly Canada has become the country which millions are interested in moving to. Canada is a land of opportunity and it’s truly gorgeous. However, for most, they aren’t sure how they can obtain a dual citizenship in Canada. So, how possible it is? Well, dual citizenship isn’t as rosy as it sounds though because it might mean dual taxes as well as other obligations to meet. Still interested? Read on and find out how to get dual citizenship in Canada today.

Apply For Citizenship

First of all, if you want to claim citizenship and have been currently living in Canada for three years or more, it is possible to apply for dual citizenship. You might not need to learn all about Canadian heritage but it would be a nice touch for those who are interested in living in Canada and obtaining citizenship. You could visit the Canadian citizenship and immigration website to get an application or call the immigration offices up.

Ensure You Will Be Eligible For Dual Citizenship

Next, before you fill out your citizenship application form and send away to the immigration service, you are going to have to ensure you are actually eligible for the dual citizenship. This essentially means you are over the age of eighteen as well as have a permanent status within Canada already. You must also have lived within Canada constantly for up to three years previously of the time the application is submitted. English or French knowledge is a must and this must also be proven too in order to obtain Canadian citizenship.

Attend an Interview

Once you have submitted your application, there will be the regular waiting time. There are no set times over how long the application may take to progress depending on how busy the immigration services are. There may also be an interview. Citizenship interviews are now a must and these interviews must be attended. The interview must be passed so that you can become a citizen. Canadian heritage and history can be an important part of the test so you have to brush up on these things. While you might not think too much about heritage, knowing the history of Canada can be vital. See more.

Waiting for a Decision

Before becoming a dual citizen of Canada you will have to wait for a decision over whether or not you’re eligible for citizenship. If you have passed the citizenship test and the paperwork is in order and have proven you have something to contribute to the country then you may be eligible. However, the final decision can take a little time but it shouldn’t be too long. Canadian citizenship is very much possible as long as you follow all guidelines and you also need to attend a ceremony for citizenship.

Love Canada

Becoming a Canadian citizen can be a wonderful experience and really Canada has so much to offer also. You are going to love Canada and there is so much to see and do too. There has never been a better time to explore Canada and you are going to love everything it has to offer. Also, remember to learn about Canadian heritage; it’s a fascinating history to learn.

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