Canada is truly one of the most appealing and diverse countries throughout the world today. There are millions who flock to the country each and every year and it’s all because of how lovely it really is. Canada does offer so much and there is just a unique appeal to it that makes people want to migrate! However, for most, they find it’s a difficult process to move to Canada and one that confuses them. The following is a brief guide on moving to Canada and obtaining Canadian citizenship.

The Process

First and foremost, moving to Canada means you have to have a permit to be able to remain in the country. The application time for most looking to stay in Canada for a prolonged period of time can take anything up to nineteen months and usually, you don’t hear anything for around fifteen months at best. That is well over a year and while it’s a bit of a wait, it’s routine! Canada has to ensure the people coming to stay are people who are going to contribute to the economy.

Eligibility for Citizenship

It’s not in fact easy to obtain a Canadian citizenship simply because it’s a tough process. However, it isn’t impossible to becoming a citizen of Canada as long as you meet the requirements. One such requirement is that you have to be eighteen or over in order to apply for Canadian citizenship. If a family is moving over with children under eighteen, there are more requirements necessary to meet. French and English are also languages which must be learned as these are the main languages of the country. If you are a native English speaker, that is a real plus point to say the least. However, you will have to have been a permanent resident in Canada for four years. Read the other article which we have also given lots of information in their and can be seen on

What About Marrying a Canadian?

Unlike many other countries, just because you marry a man or woman who is a Canadian, you are not automatically made a citizen of Canada. You still have to go through the permanent residential status route before applying to for the Canadian citizenship. What is more, it is very much possible to carry dual citizenship’s which can be an important factor for many.

Preparing For the Citizen Test

immigrationIn truth, the test shows your eligibility to remain in Canada and what you actually know about the country too. You can be asked questions on the history of Canada and the political side of things. There may be questions over the geography of the country as well as the cultural history and of course the responsibilities and rights of citizens within the country. You have to show what you actually know about Canada and not just what it’s like today but what made the country what it is now.

What Happens If You Fail?

You can prepare for the test if you are planning to go for citizenship and hopefully you pass on the first attempt. If you fail the written part of the test, you may be called into an interview to speak to someone and go over the questions again. If you can satisfy the tester then you may be granted citizenship. It is a lot harder to do things this way and it’s often something which many struggle with also. You can often find it’s easier to face the written exam than the oral one.

Becoming a Citizen

While you have to pass the necessary citizenship test, there are other factors which are also taken into consideration. The Canadian authorities don’t just hand out citizenships after passing twenty questions; they take everything into account and ensure you’re eligible for it. It can be so rewarding to become a citizen of Canada and it can make you feel more at home or welcomed.

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