It is a rule-of-thumb that when you buy anything big like hiring a tent rental company, you get what you pay for. Tent prices are regional. If a party rental company like Tentage Rental Singapore is significantly cheaper than everybody else in your area, there is a reason. So, here is how to find a reputable tent company nearest to you.

  1. Be Responsive

You should watch out for any vendor who does not answer the phone if you call them during business hours or at least return a message promptly to you. This is because if ever during your event, something goes wrong, you can still contact them regardless of time or day. You do not want to rely on somebody who cannot or will not be available. If a tent rental company is like that, you should not put your trust and gamble your money to them even at the last minute appointments.

  1. Give You A Written Quote

It is best to ask for a written quote before you book or pay anything. Tentage Rental Singapore makes sure to give you the written quote and contract for everything you want to get and will have from them. The written information includes the set up, breakdown of costs or expenses, delivery, deposits made, and taxes. The company also explains each item or cost in the list to ensure that you have understood everything in your tent rental package. If the company cannot or will not provide you with a free quote, they will tell you directly about it.

  1. Have A Clear Cancellation Or Change Order Policy

Unexpected things happen like if you decided a month before your event, you do not want a tent anymore. Maybe, there is a reschedule of your event or your guest list shrinks or doubles that you cannot accommodate them anymore. You must find out the cancellation policy and get it into writing. You should hesitate to hire a company that charges a large or a non-refundable fee.

  1. Do Tents For All Occasions

A company that never does weddings because weddings are seasonal would make you hesitate in hiring them. This might be the reason they are cheaper and provide you a shabby-looking tent. Tentage Rental Singapore also does tables and chairs. They can even do your dance floor, tablecloths, stage, centerpieces, and dishes. It is recommended you get everything from the same place if at all possible. You will have one delivery charge. Then, you will not have to worry about the people to take care of the tablepeople or the stage.


Tentage Rental Singapore provides you with everything you need. The company has over 10 years of experience in the tentage and equipment rental services. You will certainly end up saving money and frustration by using as few vendors as possible.

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