Many of us are still wondering what kind of consumer they are. Some just know that a consumer is the one who purchases goods or services for their own usage or consumption. Others think less likely of being a consumer because they know they can afford. So, here are the consumers classified according to their types.

1.     Small Consumers

This kind of consumer utilizes an average monthly consumption of less than 4,000 kWh. They are business consumers and all residential consumers. Geneco, an electric company based in Singapore, treats all their consumers the way they preferred to be treated. They totally understand how the small consumers are easily hit the hardest by the rising cost of electricity. Small consumers are heaping pressure because of the expensive thermal sources. They can avail the company’s “Good Night” electricity price plan, wherein 10 percent discount off on the regulated tariff for the peak periods from 6 o’clock in the morning to 12 midnight daily plus 40 percent for the off-peak periods from 12 midnight to 6 o’clock in the morning.

2.     Large Consumers

This kind of consumer is only business consumers using an average monthly consumption of at least 4,000 kWh. They usually operate a self-production facility of limited size and seek out strategies to meet their electricity needs at minimum cost and risk. If this consumer asks Geneco, the company will offer the “Get It Fixed 24” electricity price plan that is a fixed and standard plan of 16.50 cents per kWh. If the smart meter (AMI meter) is used, only the first meter will be paid by the retailer.

3.     Contestable Consumers

This kind of consumer chooses to purchase electricity from a reliable retailer of their choice or from the wholesale electricity market at the half-hourly wholesale electricity price. They can choose their own electricity provider. If you are this consumer, you can ask Geneco and get their “Get It Fixed 12” standard price plan that is 17.80 cents per kWh making you save around $235.67 over 12 months based on your $100 monthly electricity bill.

4.     Noncontestable Consumers

This kind of consumer selects to buy electricity from SP Services, which is a member of SP Group, at a certainly regulated tariff. They consume 50-megawatt hours of electricity or less within a year and are generally all residential households. They can buy Geneco’s “Get It Less 24” standard price plan to avail the 21 percent discount off on the regulated tariff plan.


Geneco is all about making it good for you. They know how you, whatever kind of customer you are, like to buy electricity and pay for it. They are the energy experts you can right away seek help since they know from generating electricity to retailing and from B2B partnerships to the individual customer. Be a smart business owner by getting the best rates on all of your utilities. The more you save, the more profit you and your business enjoy.

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